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El Fuerte and Surrounding Lakes

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El Fuerte Atractions

Bird Watching Excursions
Ancient Nahuatl Petroglyphs
Bass Fishing in El Fuerte Lakes
White Wing & Mourning Dove, Pigeons, and Quail
El Fuerte River Float Tours
El Fuerte in Sinaloa, Mexico, was once the capital of Arizona
The Legend of Zorro it all started in El Fuerte, Sinaloa
Hotels in El Fuerte, Sinaloa
Restaurants in El Fuerte, Sin

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Bird watching / petroglyphs (5 hrs)

Birding in the Copper Canyon is a world class adventure, where two endemic areas combine to form a eco-friendly habitat for some unique bird Life. El Fuerte is in the Northwest Pacific Slope endemic bird areas has a prominent dry tropical mostly deciduous forest, thorn forest, and the tropical riparian habitat of the "Rio del Fuerte" River. Mexican dry forests have the highest level endemism of all Neotropical dry forests, harboring an impressive array of unique diversity of animal and plant life.

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Flora & fauna / petroglyphs ( 2 hrs)

Experience this vast river and diverse bird life! Amid the verdant tropical forest on the tranquil waters of the EL Fuerte River cruise you will find an oasis of flora & fauna.  A relaxed and beautiful experience, as well as a visit to the ancient Nahuatl Petroglyphs.  More than 60 species of birds are frequently spotted from the boat as well as exotic flora. There are also 20 different varieties of amphibians, 87 species of reptiles and 50 types of freshwater fish.

Walking tour in El Fuerte (1:30 hrs)

Discover the historical and cultural aspects of El Fuerte Sinaloa. From the majestic El Fuerte River to the colonial buildings, storied streets, and legendary alleys & walkways. Discover everything from the rich Colonial history, Battles between the Spaniard conquistador and the mayo Indians, the history of the Yoreme Indian culture and religious rituals, the architectural masterpieces that enhance the colorful magical town.

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Black Bass fishing in El Fuerte Lakes

El Fuerte is near three mayor bass fishing lakes. The most famous of the lakes is Presa Hidalgo, only a few miles away from your first class accommodations in El Fuerte. Even closer is Lake Dominguez which is in full production and has delivered the largest bass over the past seasons. Lake Huites was completed in the spring of 1995 and stocked for our future fishing. Many bass caught range in the 2 to 5 pound class with fish in excess of ten pounds caught regularly. You can expect a true world class bass fishing experience at the lakes surrounding the El Fuerte area.

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White Wing & Mourning Dove, Pigeons, and Quail

Hunting in El Fuerte, Sinaloa is one of the most exciting  experiences one can have.  Pass shooting from fields of small grains, peanuts, milo, and stubble corn. Local farmers plant Milo and Sesame Seeds for use as pasture or for harvest. Both these grains are part of the preferred diet of Doves. Soon after the first cool weather sets in up north the Dove migrate to Mexico for their winter stay. The numbers are incredible. Many hunters do not count singles kills finding it much easier to count only their double kills.

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