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I just returned home from Mexico, proposed the idea for the story about your hotel to my editor at the LA Times and she wants it right away. Can you please send her some of your photos? If you could send me the same ones you send her, I'll be able to tell her how they fit into the story. Her e-mail address for photos is: travel@latimes.com. In the subject line, if you could just write "For Dawson's story", it will get to the right place.
Please let me know when you get this e-mail if you are able to send her photos in the next couple of days.
The column that this will run in called "Hidden Corners" is rather brief (about 300 words) but I also plan to write a longer version of the story to publish in other newspapers.One quick question: In Mexican architecture, what do you call the beautiful entryway to your hotel with the woven furniture and the artwork?
Diana Dawson, Special to The Los Angeles Times     Feel at home at Sinaloa's Torres del Fuerte Hotel

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