EL FUERTE, SINALOA – JULY 25, 2009 – HOTEL TORRES DEL FUERTE has been recognized by Fodor’s Travel, the foremost name in travel publishing, as a 2009 Fodor’s Choice selection. This distinction represents a remarkable achievement and recognizes HOTEL TORRES DEL FUERTE as a leader in its field for service, quality, and value in the 2009 year.   see full press release


Los Angeles Times

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I just returned home from Mexico, proposed the idea for the story about your hotel to my editor at the LA Times and she wants it right away. Can you please send her some of your photos? If you could send me the same ones you send her, I'll be able to tell her how they fit into the story. Her e-mail address for photos is: travel@latimes.com. In the subject line, if you could just write "For Dawson's story", it will get to the right place.
Please let me know when you get this e-mail if you are able to send her photos in the next couple of days.
The column that this will run in called "Hidden Corners" is rather brief (about 300 words) but I also plan to write a longer version of the story to publish in other newspapers.One quick question: In Mexican architecture, what do you call the beautiful entryway to your hotel with the woven furniture and the artwork?
Diana Dawson, Special to The Los Angeles Times          Feel at home at Sinaloa's Torres del Fuerte Hotel




Dear Companions and Collaborators,
We wanted to thank you for the excellent support offered for the organization and development of the event that was carry out last November in El Fuerte. We are sure that without your unconditional collaboration our work would not have had the achieved impact.Thank you also for accompanying us and to be witnesses of a historic night, that we expect it will position El Fuerte as the top tourist destination.
Without more for the moment, we remain at your service. 
Connie Zazueta, Lizbeth Castro and Adolfo Plata

Hoteles Boutique de Mexico

A few months ago, Mrs SR - owner of the hotel VG in Guadalajara,  a good friend of mine - she mention having been to El Fuerte and visited your hotel in her last trip during Easter. A few months have passed, now I will like to contact you for two specific things:1. First of all I will like to introduce our business "Hoteles Boutique de México" Our efforts are concentrated on judging, representing and promoting exelent level smaller independent hotels trough out the republic of mexico.  The hotel VG has been a member of our collection for several years. I invite you to see our website and I would love to have a conversation with you when you have a little time. 2. Second reason for contacting you is that we are organizing some trips with Vallarta Adventures for people who live or visit Pinta Milta and the want to see Cooper Canyon. Several small groups arriving by plane and Hoteles Boutique de México will be in charge of the lodging part of the tours. this project will start 2008 and we will like to be in contact with you to negotiate a contract with your hotel and Hoteles Boutique de México. I imagine you will have many question initiated from this e-mail so I will be at your service to answerser them.have an excellent day!
Sylvie Laître, Directora Hoteles Boutique de México www.hotelesboutique.com

Luxury Group

I am contacting you to inform you that the hotel has been approved and qualified to be included on Luxury Group's Gold List.
Congratulations to you and the management on running an excellent hotel operation. Please find the official letter of invitation attached - also copied below - which is an invitation and a proposal to include the hotel on Luxury Group's Gold List. This is the Gold List of World's Finest Hotels, Resorts & Spas. Luxury Group is the leader in DIRECT ACCESS to world's premium luxury hotel properties. This allows Direct Booking by guests with no commissions.
All properties listed appear on a By Invitation Only basis. We look forward to your reply with pleasure.



The California Native Travel Blog · Going the Extra Mile in Copper Canyon
By The California Native International Adventures
It began in El Fuerte in the state of Sinaloa at Hotel Torres Del Fuerte and ended at Hotel Torres Del Fuerte. The hotel is a delightful restored hacienda that is artistically decorated and each room is, individually unique.

I am the web master & a Pilot with LIGA International.- We have visited your hotel the last few times in town. I appreciate what you are doing to support Liga. Thank you. My wife K. & I will be flying down this next weekend and need Room Reservations for March 2 & 3.We also have another friend – R. H. w/ Liga that needs a room for the same dates. 

We look forward to seeing you again. Best Wishes,  SB


Just returned from Copper Canyon, El Fuerte and Alamos.  Fun trip, weather on our side, and 247 species to show for our efforts including Russet-crowned Motmot, Linneated Woodpecker, Lilac-crowned Parrot, Mountain Trogon, Mottled Owl, Short-tailed Hawk,  and Roseate Spoonbill.  Attached to this email are 2 trips I've already sent out, May Bell Ranch and Ladder Ranch (space still available), as well as Madera, Chihuahua in June.  Madera is a great area where we are assured of seeing Thick-billed Parrot and Eared Quetzal.  As I walk to work in downtown Santa Fe each morning now, I have been listening to a vigorous Carolina Wren singing  behind the state capitol-reminding me that all sorts of miracles are possible in the bird world.  All the best, Bill
Bill, WingsWest Birding Tours

How are you? I am very happy to have seen the hotel personally in November. Your parents were wonderful. I'll like to know if you have a page on the internet? Also if you have a room for 2 available for the evenings of March 29 and 30? Two bes, two ladies, what is the rate? how can I pay?  Awaiting your response, greetings,   

Sue (Susy) Stilwell - Owner, S & S Tours


I just had another fine meal at Hotel Torrres last week, had a chat with your father and showed the hotel to my group. A welcome addition to quality accommodation in El Fuerte. I hope to visit you in November.
cordially, JG  Travel Writer, Tour Operator

we are intrested in your hotel. Please send us a contract with your rates, so that we are able to offer it to our clients. We need rates for each category of rooms, food and any other service you offer. We are travel-agent-brokers, we work with the best travel agencies and tour operators in Europe, USA and UK. I await your response and hope to be working with you soon!   Zach


Great pictures!  You are always our first choice for El Fuerte!
Suzie Stengel, Office Manager


This past January we assisted the Wests  book a room in your hotel. She was with you while her husband went on a fishing expedition. They very much enjoyed thier visit and they DID thank us for helping them find your hote.We in turn, thank you for making her feel welcome and safe while her husband was away. In the future should we have clients looking for a hotel in El Fuerte we will tell them about yours.
 Ours is an RV Caravan company. We will visit El Fuerte RV park with about 15 Trailers and Motorhomes again in January and take the trian for our stay at Mansion Tarahumara.  We have looked and and have not found any other RV park in El Fuerte where we can park between 10 and 20 RVs. Is there such a place that you might know of?
 While we are in El Fuerte next January we will stop in to say Hola.
 Jim & Polly Oldberg  bajawinters.com
  Are you kidding........ they loved the place, you, your dad the food and everything.   we can not wait to come ourselves.   I sent them because I knew you guys would do a fabulous job. kisses to all of you.   the babies also. TA


Thank you again for making my birthday so terrific!  You are the best.  And what a beautiful place the Hotel Torres has developed into.  It has truly become a place where you can feel enveloped by warmth and care, even cocooned away from the world like a European "Relais de Silence."  Kudos, Pancho.  You do good work.  And I was tickled to see so many of Suzanne's touches here and there, giving it that wonderul tropical allure and upscale elegance. It was pretty impressive! Amor, besos, abrazos,  Michelee and Hal


I was in Cerocahui this past weekend doing final scouting for the trip next week.  Met a person named Judy (American) who does booking for 3 Amigos in Creel.  She sang the praises of your hotel.  She also mentioned that Phillipe (our guide last November) is the brother of Chal Gamez.  Hope they are the ones doing the boat trip on the 19th.  Again, I would like to meet Chal the night of the 18th if that can be arranged.  See you the night of the 18th.  Tell me again what turn I make coming in from the main highway to get to Hotel Torres?  Muchas gracias por todo su ayuda, Bill.
Very nice.  I will let some people know...SP
Back to Vienna , Austria , we really do enjoy to remember our stay in Your house in El Fuerte on February 1 and 2 this year. It was interesting, nice and relaxing – even more than we expected anyway after having been there in May 2008, when we had also a very fine time. So we would like to say “thank You” once more, especially for the part of the second evening which You spent together with us!        With best regards, R. C.
  Hal and I have recently picked up some excellent paving cantera and other extraneous antique items from Francisco Torres, friend and owner of the Hotel Torres in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, just down the track from us here in Alamos.
Wonderful hotel, btw, with a fantastic chef. Soft beds, great food. Lovely atmosphere. Thought I'd share the info.
- Michelee
Rod and I have purchased some wonderful colonial doors and a gate from Jesus Torres in El Fuerte.  Jesus has still some doors both with and without windows (and shutters).  In addition we viewed some beautiful cantera sinks and other stone items.  I know there is more stuff but we stopped him at doors as we didn't want to find any more goodies.Jesus and Francisco are rennovating Jesus' childhood home in El Fuerte as a hotel.  It is gorgeous!  There are very tasteful rooms with many antiques.  There are ponds with ducks.  There are ramadas thick with vines and a wonderful wine "cellar" in the restaurant. The hotel is just opening so I can't vouch for the service but it would be difficult to find a more genuinely friendly and caring host than Jesus Torres nor a more beautiful and peaceful setting only steps from the plaza.I thought you all might like to know.April Pruitt

We have now returned from our holiday in Mexico and I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic two days we spent at Torres del Fuerte.  The hacienda you have there is beautiful, and we were treated to a very warm welcome (I think, by your father Jesus).  I shall certainly recommend your hotel if I have any friends visiting the Copper Canyon region in the future!  All the best,  Duncan

  Hola, Don Jesus and Nora Torres. I am Steve, 1 of the guys from Michigan. I was at your hotel with my friend John just a few weeks ago. I want to thank you both for your hospitality while staying at your hotel. We were very fortunate to have met you both. I want to also thank you for the trip to Alamos, and the luncheon at your Navojoa residence. These were the very kind of experiences we were hoping to have! We ended up getting a ride from Jim, (the hostel owner) to Tucson, where we caught our train back to Michigan.
   Please say Hi to your staff for us. They were very efficient, professional. and cordial. John and I both have much warmth in our hearts for Anna, especially since she did our laundry. I also have a special place in my heart for Rossi. 
   Well, at any rate, we truly enjoyed our stay in El Fuerte. I for one, am planning on returning to your hotel in the not too distant future.   Sincerely,   Steve Sarachman
  My wife and I stayed at Torres del Fuerte Hotel on February 11th and 12 and we just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our stay. The grounds and the rooms were beautiful and your father was a very gracious and accommodating host.  Thanks for having such a wonderful hotel,
Craig Baskett
Instructor/Marketing Coordinator, Transitional Vocational Program
Faculty of Continuing Education & Extension
Mount Royal University
Hace un par de semanas, un grupo de amigos y yo llegamos a la estacion del Chepe en El Fuerte, Sinaloa. Llegabamos con la recomendacion de hospedarnos en un hotel del cual ya no recuerdo el nombre. Al arribar, un señor apuesto, de pelo blanco bajó de un auto del mismo color, con unos folletos en mano se dirigió al grupo y se ofreció llevarnos a un hotel cerca del centro de el pueblo. Nos dijo que si no era de nuestro agrado, no pagariamos en lo absoluto, o algo por el estilo. Era un grupo de siete personas, en su auto se acomodoran cuatro de ellos y salieron rumbo al hotel. El resto, en el cual me incluyo, nos quedamos en la estacion a esperar un taxi. Esperamos en esa humeda y quemante noche de verano por lo que parecio una eternidad. El taxi nunca llegó. Afortunadamente, unas personas en una pick-up ofrecieron llevarnos al hotel. En la pick-up viajaban tres personas, y como pudimos nos acomodamos en la parte de atras con todo y nuestro equipaje. Al llegar al hotel, lo que vi, no era lo que yo esperaba, ya que la fachada de enfrente, como es de esperar, esconde completamente lo maravilloso de la hacienda. Estando adentro fui transportado a otra epoca, se respiraba otro aire, el lugar es simple y sencillamente espectacular. En cuanto descargué mi equipaje, me dirigi a la parte trasera de la casona, atravesando por unos jardines muy bien cuidados, alla atras, se encuentra un pequeño bar, pero muy acogedor. En el estaba toda la palomilla, disfrutando unas muy bien merecidas cervezas bien frias. ¿Y a quien veo detras del bar sirviendo a mis amigos? Al mismo caballero que nos recibio en la terminal! Este hombre trabaja de todo-pensé. Despues, me di cuenta que el era el dueño del hotel! Nos trato de lo mejor. La comida estuvo fabulosa, nos ofrecio unas botanas de camarones, callos y otros mariscos que nadamas de pensar, quiero regresar. Y, si. Pienso regrasar. Cuando? No lo sé. Mi nombre es Juan "Paco" Véliz, y estoy muy agradecido con Don Jesus Torres por su amabilidad y gran sentido de "customer service". Algo digno de aplausos. Don Jesus, si recibe esta nota, a nombre de todos mis compañeros, quisiera agradecerle por todas sus atenciones, y ojala nos veamos muy pronto.
Salud,  Juan Francisco "Paco" Véliz
  Hola Jesus!!! We are back in Canada after a great trip. We would like to thank you once again for getting us off to a good start. We appreciated your hospitality and all of the time you spent with us. The rooms were first class, the meals delicious, and the lunch on the riverbank a memory for a lifetime! The best of luck and health. Phil and Pat Groves.

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